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Make SecureAPlus More Efficient and Easier to Use

There should be an option where people can make SecureAPlus automatically scan an file if it is unknown to Virustotal or any other scanning methods. In addition, there should be the option to enable and set scheduled scans. For more advanced users, put an option where they can choose to disable some antivirus scanners, as they might want quicker scans or not trust some antivirus companies. However, warn them that it would not be the safest option. In the installer, you could ask the user whether he or she is an advanced or beginner user. If it is a beginner, lock these options and other advanced options. Also, there should be a tutorial and an option to skip the initial scan. My final suggestion is to elaborate a bit on the settings, as not every user knows what is going on there.

Read Hookie , 19.04.2017, 20:02
Idea status: under consideration


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